New inkjet printer: Visible marking even for soft gasket materials

Machine manufacturers need to identify critical parts quickly. This is why we invested in state-of-the-art marking equipment. Inkjet printer comes in handy when the part can’t be marked with laser.

In today’s industry the machines need to run in order to keep the world going. Whether it’s about production machinery, trucks or computers, we’re dependant on them working without interruptions. Identifying parts is of great importance – this is why we invested in modern marking equipment at TT Gaskets.

When it comest to gaskets and other critical parts, the machine manufacturer often wants them to be marked to identify the part number, supplier, batch or manufacturing date. If there’s a possible problem in the machine that leads to downtime, the critical parts can quickly be identified and changed.

Marking brings added value

Inkjet printing is a type of computer printing that recreates a digital image by pushing droplets of ink onto soft substrates like paper and plastic. TT Gaskets already has a comprehensive laser marking machine but it’s not ideal for marking soft gasket materials. It was time to invest in the future, yet again.

The inkjet printer uses instantly drying ink to produce a traditional dot matrix marking on parts that can’t be marked with the laser. With the inkjet printer, we can offer a clean and visible marking that identifies the part number, the manufacturing date, the serial number or any identifier that suits your needs. Why not do it in style – We can even print your logo on the parts.

As the leading Nordic manufacture of gaskets, it’s only natural to combine a robot/cobot to the production line with the printer in the near future, to keep the quality consistent even throughout very large series. Request a sample – marking could definitely be something that brings your products added value!