We manufactured gaskets by solar power – first in the world

State-of-the-art technology and determination shook hands, and now the historical act is true: the first gaskets produced by solar power come from Tampere, Finland.

Launched in June, the TT Gaskets’ solar power plant comprises nearly 500 solar panels and has a peak power of about 200kWp. We considered different options and concluded that the one best for us is self-sufficient production of solar electricity with roof-mounted solar panels and implementation of building automation with a modern system that utilizes machine learning.


Building a solar power plant is one way to reduce carbon emissions and ultimately achieve carbon neutrality. We want to be a pioneer in energy and climate solutions and move towards our broader responsibility goals. Renewable energy is important so that one day we can leave the world in better shape for future generations – the underlying idea is fundamentally the same in family businesses in terms of ownership. The wonderful world around us is just a loan, so we should do everything we can to preserve its uniqueness.

Smartly invested and planned, renewable energy projects are also common-sense investments. We have already prepared so that we can double the power of the solar power plant in the coming years.

Our environmentally friendly gasket solutions also help our customers to reduce and monitor their own CO2 emissions. We are always looking for energy-efficient building solutions, environmentally friendly product and service solutions, and partners who share these views with us. It’s a value-based decision from us as owners.

Let’s hope for as sunny summer as possible, both for the holidays and for manufacturing gaskets!

Aleksi Arpiainen

Aleksi Arpiainen is the CEO of TT Gaskets in the third generation. According to him, the success of a family business is fueled by continuous development and innovation. In the blog, Aleksi sheds light on his thoughts on where the world of gaskets is going.