Behind the Gaskets | Expert interview: People are the best part of Customer Service Manager Sonja’s work

TT Gaskets’ Customer Service Manager Sonja Karne delights our customers by solving even their trickiest challenges.

Sonja Karne

There will soon be cause for celebration as Sonja celebrates her 20th work anniversary with TT Gaskets. Originally starting out in our water cutting department, Sonja has been a permanent fixture of our sales department since the turn of the decade.

Interested in engineering since her youth, Sonja has studied multiple degrees at different schools, the latest of which is a degree in mechanical automation from the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. She has also developed her expertise while working at different companies. The opportunity to advance her career at TT Gaskets has resulted from her own initiative. Sonja’s greatest source of motivation in work is learning new things.

“My goal has been to learn as much as possible in every job I have done. I’ve only been in my current role for a couple of years, but I feel that the future holds a lot for me,” Sonja says.

Sonja’s work consists of drafting offers, receiving orders, and supporting the sales department in addition to her own team. Variation ensures that the work remains challenging, but Sonja is known for her positive attitude in any situation.

“When you’re juggling several things at once, it’s important to remain calm. Even though I’m often receiving multiple inquiries from different directions simultaneously, the work gets done swiftly and systematically.”

Immediate atmosphere makes work meaningful

Customers rely on Sonja with many issues relating to orders, delivery times and our products’ technical properties. She has succeeded in gaining our customers’ trust and has built lengthy relationships by helping them through tricky situations.

“I am warmed when I’m able to brighten up our customers’ days. It doesn’t have to be something big, but the knowledge that I have made someone’s day better is rewarding. Over the years, many customers have become good acquaintances, and we’ll talk about a lot of non-work-related matters.”

In Sonja’s role, collaboration is close with both customers and her own colleagues across departmental boundaries. In her opinion, the best part of the job is quite simply the people.

“Our workplace, with fewer than a hundred employees, is truly close-knit. Everyone knows each other and has become close over the years. TT Gaskets is flexible as an employer, and the overall atmosphere is one where employees are well taken care of.”

Sonja warmly recommends her field and current job to anyone who wants to learn new things and challenge themselves.

“This is the right job if you want to develop yourself. It’s inspiring to work in a company that constantly strives to move forward and stay ahead of development. The attitude of moving forward rubs off on the employees as well.”

In her free time, Sonja recharges her batteries at her summer cottage and enjoys spending time with her dogs. You can also run into her at concerts and summer festivals.

“My spouse and dogs ensure a balance between work and leisure. Cottage life is also important, as thoughts easily detach from work matters at the summer cottage.”