TT Gaskets launches private label gasket material – Micaseal Suniflex pays tribute to Jukka Sunila

TT Gaskets’ latest solution for smarter sealing is our first branded gasket material Micaseal Suniflex.

The mica-based material’s name is a tribute to late Key Account Director Jukka Sunila whose career in gasket sales and development spanned over four decades.

“We started to think about ways for keeping Jukka’s heritage alive after his passing in 2022. Jukka was a determined man who kept his head cool in every situation. That’s why it seemed appropriate to name a gasket material designed for hot conditions after him,” TT Gaskets’ Business Development Director Petri Lehtinen says.

Premium heat resistance for demanding conditions

Micaseal Suniflex is designed for environments that require high heat resistance and versatile chemical resistance. It has plenty of use cases in power plants, combustion engines, exhaust systems and gas scrubbers.

“Mica-based materials work especially well in places where graphite proves inadequate. Graphite-based materials start to slowly burn in temperatures over 450 °C and the burning intensifies the higher the temperature rises. Mica can withstand temperatures of over 900 °C,” Petri Lehtinen says.

The new material is available in three 316L steel reinforced thicknesses: 1.3 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm. Metal eyelets can used to improve the material’s sealing qualities and leaking pressure even further.

The material has fulfilled our rigorous quality requirements and is available immediately. Micaseal Suniflex is well-suited for different gasket geometries, and we are happy to help you in designing sealing solutions for even the most demanding conditions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for more information!

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