TT Gaskets scores top result in EcoVadis sustainability assessment

EcoVadis Silver Badge

TT Gaskets has placed in the world’s top percentile in the global EcoVadis sustainability assessment. We scored higher than 80 percent of our cohorts and placed among the best 7 percent. The ranking equals a silver medal in EcoVadis’s classification system. Our sustainability was evaluated for the second time now, and the result was clearly improved from our first EcoVadis assessment.

”Using the appropriate gasket is an environmental act in itself. We wish to advance our customers’ positive environmental impact through our products. Our mission is to enable smarter sealing one gasket at a time,” TT Gaskets’ LEAN and Quality Manager Matti Järvinen says.

“Something that is great for your process might be detrimental to nature. Our gaskets make sure that dangerous substances stay away from where they don’t belong.”

Long-term sustainability investments are paying off

We at TT Gaskets have chosen to commit to long-term sustainability investments instead of compensating our carbon footprint with quick money. Some of our sustainable solutions are costly ventures that will pay themselves back only after a long period of time.

Our recyclable and user-friendly packaging materials are a great example of such efforts. Rethinking our packaging process was a significant investment. On the other hand, as we are optimizing our packaging, we are not transporting wooden pallets or plastic but our products. We have also implemented two solar panel fields with a third one on the way. During the sunniest summer months up to 100 percent of our electricity comes from the sun.

Sustainability is a key theme at TT Gaskets also on a social and administrative level. Sustainable choices help improve our competitive ability.

”Enhanced material efficiency reduces emissions and waste. Employee wellbeing and good leadership bring fluency to work. Our established financial situation ensures that we don’t have to make hasty decisions.”

“We are well of aware of international developments and the changes in our customers’ needs. We are constantly learning and tackling new challenges head-on as we recognize opportunities for doing things in a smarter way.”

Regulation will only expand in the future – we are one step ahead

The EU corporate sustainability reporting requirements are expanding, and the new reporting directive will come into effect in 2025. Some of our partners already require detailed reporting. TT Gaskets wishes to be a responsible company and a trendsetter before the legislature even affects us.

Companies partaking in the EcoVadis assessment receive a comprehensive list of development targets that enable critical evaluation of the company’s operations. Järvinen emphasizes that despite the great results, corporate responsibility is a continuing process. We are determined to become a completely carbon-neutral business by 2027. The goal is ambitious but entirely achievable with yearly interim targets.

“Our first target is to reduce the emissions of our own operations to zero and minimize energy and heating emissions by producing our own energy. Some emissions cannot be eliminated, but we will start by addressing everything we can directly affect. Then we will think about how we can minimize indirect emissions.”

What is EcoVadis?