Daily management improves safety and brings out new ideas

The TT Gaskets daily management board is a tool for maintaining quality and delivery security. Work planner Jenny Virta writes about how daily management helps rationalize production.

The daily management board (or just the board) has been a part of the TT Gaskets production line for a couple of years now. What does it mean in practice?

After each shift or workday, the board is used to go through the day’s tasks and events. Safety is our top priority which is why it is always the first matter on the board. After security comes quality: if there are any quality issues to be noted, the corresponding department will assess the matter and see how it could be avoided in the future. I feel that this is a great way of maintaining continuous improvement over our quality. The previous week’s delivery security is also evaluated on the board.

Each day we also review the department’s cleanliness and possible anomalies. The board is color coded so that deviations are easily spotted and assessed if necessary.

One of the most important features of the board is the section for new ideas. It helps us enable better practices for our employees thus rationalizing our production line. Most of the new ideas come from our production employees. Suggested ideas and their statuses are reviewed each Monday.