Life in Finland | Aurora Borealis and company insights

This is the third part of Antoine Blanquart’s blog about his tenure in Finland and TT Gaskets. Also be sure to read the first and second parts.

For the next two months I will be working in the purchasing department, learning more about how the company deals with its suppliers around the world.

I finally met Teemu Sillanpää, Matti Alasuvanto and Mirko Vuorinen. Teemu gave me my first assignments, which are quite interesting and insightful for me as it is the exact application of what I have learnt during my studies. I’m looking for new European suppliers, preferably from a French-speaking country, for specific products that are quite complicated to find.

First impression of Finland

My life at Tampere is very interesting, I discover many things every day, whether at TT Gaskets or outside. For example, a few days ago, after having worked all day at TTG, we went for a walk next to the Pyynikki tour, the time was perfect because we were able to see the sunset!

Like you can see, the landscape is beautiful!

This weekend, the company lent us their car. Thanks to this, we went to Helsinki on Saturday with Lisa. The city is very impressive, the different infrastructure is very pretty!  

We returned to Tampere in the evening. Oh! I forgot, speaking of this evening, at 10.30pm, I received a notification that said “Aurora Borealis”, we ran to the car to try to catch a glimpse of one! We went to the public sauna of Rauhaniemi and were lucky enough to see one. It was amazing and very pretty!

The picture is amazing, but what it does not say, this evening there was a lot of wind, the official temperature was -4 degrees, the real feeling was -12 degrees, very cold! But it was worth the effort.