Lean – What time is it?

We are used to ask what time is it, but we rarely ask what time is. Some say it was invented so wristwatches could be sold. It is something that we can measure and see the effect of, but we can’t grasp. It is said to be the most valuable thing we possess, but we can’t preserve it. 

Doing things right saves time

That is why we at TT Gaskets are continuously improving and Leaning our processes both in production and office. Saving time in the routine tasks we do daily allow us to do more productive tasks and improve. And usually, less repetitive tasks lead to better job satisfaction and performance.
We have also noticed throughout the years that doing things right the first time is the best way to save time. The number of claims we face is decreasing intentionally and for a reason. Resolving claims waste time in our whole process, from office to production. And although we can refund the customer and send new products, the time wasted in their process can’t be compensated

Process before measurement

Therefore, both the reliability of delivery and quality control are our top priorities among safety. These are the business cards we leave to our customers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. And these are achieved with the persistent improvement we do.
And as we like to say again and again, the quality doesn’t improve with measuring. Although we can measure things with high precision, doing so in the final phase doesn’t solve the errors we made during the manufacturing process. Thus, we again make sure that we make everything according to our quality standards and measure only if it is a new product. Or our customer requires a measuring report.

Investments ahead

Throughout the next year, we are making timesaving and quality ensuring investments. In production we are investing in fully automated production and machine monitoring system to reduce bottlenecks. In office, RPA and system updates are in our Christmas wish list.
With these teachings in mind, we want to wish you a Lean Christmas and a productive New Year 2022!