Fast Track Service – Customized gaskets in 24 hours

The premium Fast Track Service is suitable for urgent gasket needs. Your order will be shipped from our factory in Tampere within 24 hours of confirming your order.

When time is money and the role of the spare part is critical in production, quick actions are needed. TT Gasket manufactures your order of a few pieces from almost any material except metals. Submit your order, wait for it to be confirmed and we will take care of the rest.

– Normally, our delivery time is about 2–3 weeks, but by using the Fast Track Service, the product passes the queue, and the lead time is reduced to less than 24 hours. It’s not practical to implement large order batches through Fast Track, as the purpose is to serve urgent needs, says Smart Engineer Jaakko Niukkala.

Passing lane for fast delivery

Fast Track Service is meant for flat pieces made from soft materials. For products that need machining or multi-stage manufacturing the lead time is usually longer. The parts are manufactured by cutting, after which the quality control thoroughly inspects the customized product before packing and shipping it.

– The Fast Track Service is priced separately, meaning that the unit price familiar to customer’s purchasing department only applies to orders with the normal delivery time. The purpose is to serve the process of express orders for both parties. When the order goes directly to the Fast Track Service, there is no need for a separate agreement and the parts will be delivered faster, Niukkala explains.

Do you need parts fast? See the easy steps and place your order now!

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