TT Gaskets has summer jobs for young people who are willing to learn and interested in technology

Intern Samuli

TT Gaskets usually has about a dozen summer employees, this year as well. Hiring summer workers and authors of graduate diplomas are an excellent recruitment channel for us. Over the years, the career of many current employees has begun with summer jobs in manufacturing or the office. We hope that some of our current summer help would work for us in the autumn in addition to their studies.

– During the summers, we have implemented various projects to develop production efficiency, safety, or comfort. We get fresh ideas from young people, and a real dose of new energy for what we do every day – and often also for creating something new. In turn, as summer workers the students get to see how a modern machine shop works. This will certainly make it easier to put the theory taught in school into practice, says CEO Aleksi Arpiainen.

– Samuli is an excellent example. He has already progressed quite a bit in his studies, and he has an excellent ability to quickly perceive the development needs that are important to us, as well as to come up with new ways of implementation together with the management. He has been very cooperative and quickly became acquainted with the employees of different departments, Aleksi says.

He refers to a mechanical engineering student, Samuli Piispanen, who just completed an internship as part of his studies by working with us for 8 weeks. In the Autumn, Samuli will start his 4th year of studying at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

What is it like to work for us as a summer employee?

– I noticed that TT Gaskets is a family business because the atmosphere was warm, and the employees’ opinions were really taken into account. I felt like everyone got heard and ideas were gladly received. I could see that a lot is invested in production and its management, and that sustainable development is considered important. TT Gaskets is clearly aiming to be in this decade, and the company has a lot of growth potential, Samuli says.

In his opinion, TT Gaskets is suitable as a summer job for young people who are interested in technology, want to constantly develop themselves and dare to take on challenges.

– I have always been interested in technology – especially production and process control. At TT Gaskets, my tasks were varied, and I got a good introduction to them. The experience reinforced the idea that I want to work with technology in the future.

We wish a great summer for everyone! Stay tuned as we may have even more need for summer workers this summer as well. Our sales are currently pulling very well as we develop our future capabilities in many ways.