Investments – Welcome to TTG Hydraulic Press Channel

Welcome to the hydraulic press channel and today we have a gasket for our press. And now we are going to crush it. Place the gasket here and… It seems that the gasket has a very good strength for enduring this kind of press. It is quite soft fiber and still warm after pressing. That’s all for today and have a nice day. 

For today’s extra content I’m going to tell you about the hydraulic press we installed a couple weeks ago. And how we are going to deal with it, because it’s very dangerous but has plenty of potential. (If you don’t know that I referred to a Finnish youtuber that does silly tests with a hydraulic press, check out his channel. Note that we have a more sophisticated method of testing and a much better press) 

Smart Engineer Jaakko Niukkala operating the hydraulic press
Here’s a picture of it for proof.

Providing world class results

Although we are geographically close to each other, our testing purposes vary majorly from the HPC. We are not entertaining anyone, yet at least, but hopefully pleasing our customers with world class results. Gaskets are a niche market and therefore they are not widely available in the design and simulation software used for modern R&D. 

Parameters for FEM and more

That’s where our hydraulic press comes in handy. We can create a life-size model of your gasket or other part according to your specifications, design and implement a required tool for it and put it to test on our press. The test gives you parameters for FEM modeling, reveals design flaws and gives you a better understanding of different options. 

Flag issues in the design phase

Traditionally gaskets are designed for an already existing application, but with the help of our 200 tn press and our design team, we can help you to create the best sealing solution on the drawing board. Flagging the potential issues before anything has rolled out of the production line is much more convenient than tackling leaky flanges on the field. 

Of course, we still tackle the leaky flanges on the field with our expertise, but we want to make sure that you make the right decisions during the design phase. Both money and performance-wise. So, don’t hesitate to contact us when designing a new engine family or a production line. We are here to help you and our hydraulic press is ready to compress Smarter Seals for a Safer Tomorrow.