5G – A Swarm of Drones and CS:GO?

It’s hard to imagine life before the Internet. Did life even exist then? We use it every day and mostly without notice. Unless the connection isn’t working and it’s annoying. The Internet is so well embedded into different systems that we still think that using it means opening a browser and searching cat videos.

Memes that melt our brains

Nevertheless, Internet follows us basically anywhere we go. It’s in our pockets sending memes over different platforms. Most of the data we create is useless in some degree, but the demand for data is still increasing exponentially. And so is the speed of data transfer, especially in mobile connections. First tests of the high-speed, low latency 5G have recently started, despite the change resistance claiming that the frequency is melting our brains and so on. 

As usual, us Finns among a few other nationalities have agreed to be guinea pigs of the new technology. Let’s see if the frequency has any effect on our brain activity. In spite of the possible negative outcomes, 5G technology offers possibilities for completely new services. Especially the practically real-time data transfer could be revolutionary. But first we must figure out how to utilize it.

No-lag Counter-Strike or something else

Unfortunately, no one seems to know yet that which applications would benefit most of the low latency mobile network, except for FPS video games. But they aren’t anything of value for us as a company. One of the few examples of 5G seen widely were the swarm of drones used to film the winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang 2018. 

Even though the right applications for 5G are yet to be found, we at TT Gaskets are prepared for the future of mobile communication. It may take a couple of years before the first (commercially) successful implementations are launched. And a few years more before the traditional industry gets interested. But we are taking notes and thinking if 5G would be beneficial for some of our projects that build Smarter Gaskets for Safer Future.

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5G offers more than just controlling drones