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In a hurry? I wouldn’t be surprised if you are, or you feel like you should be doing something else. As being in a hurry has become the standard measure of success. But still, I’ll ask you to stay for a couple of minutes, you may learn something new, or at least you can justify it to yourself that way.

Constant lack of time, but why?

Why are we in a rush all the time then? Einstein said that if we move fast enough, time seems to slow down. Shouldn’t we have more time then? Jokes aside, something robs our time and we seem to have no clue what it might be. There’s just not enough time to do everything. 

A research shows that interruptions during the workday take alarmingly lot of time°. The reasons for interruptions are diverse but can be divided into two categories: face-to-face communication and technological interruptions. Now that I said this out loud, you probably noticed how many notifications and nudges you get from different sources during the day that distract you from the task you were working on. And that it takes time to get back on track. The estimates say that roughly 20-30 % of your workday is lost due to distractions.

Getting rid of distractions

Is there something you can do about it? Well, my official tip for reducing the amount of distraction is to sparsely (changes do occur) plan the schedule of your workday, put mobile devices (and co-workers, for that matter) on Do not disturb –mode and put your email on silent mode when working on the important tasks. The more advanced distraction tacklers can use the classic sock or tie on door handle –maneuver to show everyone that it’s not appropriate to disturb. Then you’ll have time to properly concentrate. The emails and calls may wait till afternoon when you have finished the most important tasks.

Our solution to measure time

But what has the interruptions to do with technology or our R&D then? We at TT Gaskets are committed to reduce the causes for distractions and interruptions of production with technology and ingenuity both in our factory and in your company. Some of the means are mentioned in my earlier blogs (RFID, AI), but the newcomers are ways to manage time. Our target is to monitor the amount of time used in our cutting process to find room for improvement to ensure trouble-free and continuous high-quality production. The other purpose of this is to introduce a new TT Smart Fast Track –concept for providing deliveries with significantly shorter delivery times, measured in dozens of hours. 

Hopefully this effort reduces the hurry at both ends of the supply chain. At least we are prepared to provide more agile production fulfilling urgent orders to serve your business with Smarter Seals for Safer Tomorrow.

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Time is our most valuable asset

The research findings mentioned can be found from the link below: