Artificial Intelligence – Our cup of tea needs a piece of cake on the side

You have probably wondered that what sense would you sacrifice if you had to. I have also wondered this, but not yet decided that which sense to give away. I’m sure though that vision would be the last one to go. There’s so much to see in this world and everything is becoming more and more visual. 

Yet, technology is starting to compete with our inbuilt characteristics. One example of this is presented in a study considering the importance of a mobile phone to young millennials in the UK°. Almost one in four (23 %) would give away one of their five senses instead of their mobile phone and the most preferred sense was the sense of smell (64 %). So, no wonder it’s difficult to say to a teenager that they should get off their phone.

Improving, not losing our senses

But where does this introduction lead us? As you probably already know, we in TT Gaskets have decided that technology is the only way to stay in the game. And we want to utilize technology in a way that it doesn’t get us (too) addicted as mobile phones do, but instead enhances our performance and creates new possibilities. The technology shouldn’t also paralyze any of our senses, but rather improve them. 

How do we think that these super senses could then be achieved? For the best of our knowledge, Artificial Intelligence is the answer. And before I (or anyone else, for that matter) start to preach about a dystopian world dominating Skynet, the AI we are thinking of is a little tamer. Machine and Deep Learning could be vital in our ongoing improvement process along with RFID and many others.

DATA and Superhuman abilities

Both ML and DL require data to be useful, but luckily there’s plenty of it. It just needs to be processed and cleaned up before use. But we are quite sure that putting a little effort and elbow grease to the data processing is worth it. ML could give our production workers Superman-like senses and strength and DL could help our office workers to solve problems with superhuman intelligence. 

And as always this isn’t just blowing hot air. We have already started to develop our first implementations of AI and can’t wait to utilize them. Again, we have got over the highest obstacle, the beginning, and we are willing to continue with the iterative process. There’s plenty of different paths along the journey to a more productive and safer future, but we consider AI as being more of a highway. Therefore, we would like to ask you to join the ride and enjoy!

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Data is an essential part of AI

°The study can be found from the link below: