Sensors – Trouble or Peacemakers?

You have probably come across with sensors at some point in life. At least if you are reading this, I’m pretty sure that you have, knowingly or not. Car owners, especially the ones that own a car manufactured in Southern Europe, probably know the trouble sensor issues can cause. Particularly, when you are in a hurry and your car won’t start.

Crank windows and a hammer

Whether we liked it or not, sensors are a fundamental part of modern technology ¹. And automobiles are not an exception to this ². Personally, I don’t remember the times when you could repair all cars with a hammer and a wrench, but some say that those were the days. Manually choking the carburetor and using crank windows as air conditioning had character. No sensors at sight to ruin the genuine automotive experience. 

But very few of us are actually willing to drive a car without functions that were considered luxury a few decades ago. The same goes with another devices. Who would want to have a smart phone that does not automatically switch between portrait and landscape view? Or use a paper map instead of GPS while driving?

Or elegant but simple technology?

Dozens of incomprehensibly small sensors make our lives easier on a daily basis. And the number of sensors in devices is certainly not decreasing as we are moving towards IoT environments ³

And even though the size of sensors may be difficult to perceive, the functioning of them is not that complex. They are simply components that sense physical phenomena and transmit the information forward ¹. If you know how to wash your hands, which is especially important nowadays, you know how sensor circuits function. If the water is too hot, the “sensors” in your hands tell us so and we adjust the temperature from the tap. 

So, remember to wash your hands thoroughly and think about sensors when the water temperature feels pleasant. We at TT Gaskets are also doing so to stay safe and provide Smarter Sealing for a Safer Future with sensors. 

Small sensors make our life easier and create endless possibilities
Surface mounted resistors (brown rectangles) are large compared to modern sensors.