Electrical Insulation

The most flexible, quick, and easy way to improve electrical insulation is to add insulating material around your electrical parts and prolong the creeping distance from live parts to ground or other lower potential parts.

TT Gaskets offers a variety of silicone and other suitable materials to be used for electrical insulation in low, middle, and high voltage applications. Silicone mat, or sheet can be used as personal safety guard in equipment with live parts. 


Electrical Insulation

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The most common material is solid silicone sheet, also silicone foam materials are widely used in electrical applications.

Certainly. Most electric vehicles have insulated battery packs that have lead throughs for cables and other items that are produced out of silicone mats or sheets.

Yes! Most batteries tend to swell if temperature is varying.

In these cases, a flexible foam can be used to fill the gaps between battery packs and squeeze together when batteries swell.

Use Case Examples

Electrical insulation is used in many different applications. For example in, automotive application battery casings, battery insulations, industrial vehicle battery applications, industrial vehicle power supply applications, high voltage safety curtains, and many more.