Custom gaskets can change the world

november 6, 2023

Could the hydrogen economy and its surrounding ecosystem become a new Nokia for Finland in the coming decades? Will ships soon sail independently on the seas? Can the mining industry achieve carbon-neutrality in the future? These are some of the questions our gasketeers are currently pondering. How and why are these things related to gaskets?

Last year the United States decided to tackle inflation with the enormous Inflation Reduction Act which aims to direct 433 billion dollars towards developing green tech, energy safety and fighting climate change. In the European Union, the green transition is supported by the European Green Deal. Large investments, financial aids, advances in legislation and a shared concern for our planet’s future on both sides of the Atlantic support the ongoing energy revolution.

At TT Gaskets, all this is illustrated in a myriad of hydrogen-, ammonia-, and methane-related projects. We are involved in research programs together with our engine industry customers and research institutions around the world, and developing technologies that are advancing from ideas and experimentation towards a carbon-neutral reality.

Finland has also devised a carbon-neutral strategy and aims to become carbon-neutral by 2035. For example, new solutions are currently being discovered for green electricity generation – as a matter of fact, Finland has achieved momentary self-sufficiency in energy production this year. It has also been great to observe how, for example, the European process industry has started to make use of waste streams and leftovers of the food industry. They are refined into raw materials at rendering facilities, accelerating the circular economy.

New and innovative operating models place new demands on processes, and in order to guarantee safety we need advanced gasket manufacturing methods, quality assurance and testing capabilities, equipment, and know-how. We have already been building our capabilities and competencies for years, and our development work and further significant investments are ongoing.

A friendly Finland–Sweden competition to achieve a common goal

Different green hydrogen production solutions are arising in Finland as we speak. Safe and smart solutions must be discovered for storing and distributing hydrogen, as Finland and Sweden have grand plans for producing up to 20 percent of Europe’s future hydrogen needs.

We have the ability to find the right solutions – rooted in large-scale testing and verification together with our vast network of expertise – which enables us an interesting foothold in this market. We definitely want to be involved in this friendly Finland–Sweden competition towards the shared goal of fighting climate change.

Smart Gasket finds applications within different industries

Technologies relating to the maritime industry have made significant leaps in recent years. In Finland, an interesting international alliance called One Sea has emerged around autonomous shipping, aiming to standardize the operating environment and create a legally sustainable framework for building a greener environment.

The electronics on ships, as well as systems monitoring navigation, environment, and cost-effectiveness, are rapidly advancing. At the same time, the components used in these systems must become smarter and capable of conveying information. This can help prevent accidents and schedule maintenance accurately. In the maritime industry, there are interesting applications for TT Gaskets’ patented unique Smart Gasket. In the future, the Smart Gasket will be part of broader networks of intelligent components. Together, the components and the data they collect are more valuable than the sum of their parts.

In addition to the maritime industry, activities such as mining are becoming increasingly autonomous and remotely controlled. Machines are more frequently electrically powered and environmentally friendly. This development significantly reduces environmental impact and enhances workplace safety.

New sealing solutions enable development

To make all this possible, sealing and insulation solutions are evolving. Regardless of the industry we serve, future technologies and the increasing availability of timely and relevant information enable significant emission reductions, cost savings, and improvements in workplace safety.

Innovations are rarely born in isolation or by just a single wise mind. We at TT Gaskets are grateful for being able to work within many different ecosystems and craft an industrial future together with our customers. Where there is a problem, we can find a solution. Together – like we have done for over 80 years.

For more information about our ideation and innovation efforts, as well as our future endeavors with our customers, please visit our website or our LinkedIn page.

Wishing everyone a lovely autumn,


Aleksi Arpiainen is the CEO of TT Gaskets in the third generation. According to him, the success of a family business is fueled by continuous development and innovation. In the blog, Aleksi sheds light on his thoughts on where the world of gaskets is going.

80-year-old agile family business forges a safer industrial tomorrow

september 8, 2023

The year 2023 marks a milestone at TT Gaskets as our family business celebrates its 80th birthday. With innovation, curiosity, and learning new things having always been at our core, we are looking towards the future on our anniversary – while respecting and valuing our roots.

The months leading up to our celebration have been interesting thanks to the many messages I’ve received from our former employees. It has been great to learn about our significance for people over the years – either as a first working life experience or a later springboard for career development. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories! You have taught me new things about both our business and my family.

These, in turn, are some comments we’ve received from our customers:

“The best kept secret in Janka.”

“Things are really happening in Tampere.”

“We really appreciate the fact that we are more than just a number for you.”

I am truly elated that we have been able to establish an excellent ecosystem among our Finnish partners as well as a growing number of international partners over the years. Together we can tackle even broader and trickier sealing challenges.

Our determination to overcome challenges stems from within. Throughout the years, we’ve had the chance to create innovative solutions around the world. The feeling of shared success, as well as the gratitude and relief of our customers, continue to motivate and inspire us. At the same time, we get to challenge our expertise and learn new things.

Experience carries us through even the hardest challenges

The skill of listening to and caring about our customers is engrained in our corporate culture. When you have an illustrated history and are genuinely interested in others, you can’t help but learn a lot about customers’ technologies and their culture. Our daily success in resolving customer issues is a result of our extensive experience dealing with a wide range of challenges. Experience and enduring partnerships often also bring the benefit of understanding our customer organizations and their operations more deeply than they do themselves in some instances. We understand the kind of solutions our customers are seeking or what adds the most value to their customers.

TT Gaskets’ longevity and experience enable internal sounding boards and the ability to reflect on earlier successes for our employees. We are a known and respected operator within our niche. This gives us pride in our everyday work. Our 80-year track record of delivering on our promises has been an asset, especially during challenging times like the COVID crisis and Russia’s war against Ukraine, where raw material availability was disrupted. Long and trusting partnerships are invaluable in such situations.

Bold innovation since day one

Curiosity and the aspiration to understand everything new is characteristic for us. During my grandfather’s days we developed Finland’s first substitute gasket materials and supported our Defence Forces in their battle for our country’s independence. My father introduced water cutting to the Finnish gasket industry and was a proponent of more efficient toolless manufacturing.

In recent years we have innovated sensor-equipped smart gaskets, new raw materials, anti-counterfeit inking and mobile manufacturing solutions. Looking ahead, we will offer compelling solutions for the global electrification trend, innovations related to hydrogen, and the broader energy revolution. We’ll continue to generate these innovations in close collaboration with our customers, R&D department plus universities and startups. Meanwhile, we will broaden our international operations and establish even closer partnerships with our customers. Our goal is to provide peace of mind and build an even safer industrial tomorrow through our smart sealing solutions.

Share your memories about TT Gaskets

I hope you’ve had the chance to read the trilogy about our three-generation journey from the 1940s to where we are now. If you haven’t, I strongly recommend checking out the series either from our website or LinkedIn. Included are some fun photographs from the past!

We are celebrating our past and planning our future together with our staff and stakeholders at the Laukko Manor on September 8th. We would also like to get in touch with our customers and share our plans for becoming a 100-year-old family business. Join us at the Finnish Subcontracting Fair in Tampere from September 26th to 28th and the Elmia fair in Jönköping from November 14th to 16th. Let’s raise a toast for shared success!

Wishing everyone a beautiful autumn and expressing gratitude to all who have contributed to shaping our shared history and a safer industrial future,


Aleksi Arpiainen is the CEO of TT Gaskets in the third generation. According to him, the success of a family business is fueled by continuous development and innovation. In the blog, Aleksi sheds light on his thoughts on where the world of gaskets is going.

TT Gaskets’ camprofile gaskets tested in accordance with EN 13555 standard

augusti 25, 2023

The German accredited testing laboratory AMTEC has tested our camprofile gaskets according to the EN 13555 standard in an extensive testing process. The test results were laudatory, and the products performed as expected in the measurements.

The test results help our customers compare gasket properties equally and choose the most suitable one for their application.

”The EN 13555 standard is internationally recognized. With the results, we can demonstrate that we surpass the limits set by the process industry and ensure that our camprofile gaskets are reliable at the level required by safety regulations,” says Smart Product Specialist Jaakko Niukkala.

Gaskets for demanding environments

Camprofile gaskets are well-suited for demanding conditions, such as applications in the process industry and motor industry. We manufacture these high-temperature and pressure-resistant gaskets in customized sizes and geometries as well.

Product development continues at TT Gaskets.

”The test results indicate that we meet certain requirements, but we don’t settle for that in our product development. We strive to continuously improve our operations and develop solutions even for our customers’ most challenging needs,” Niukkala sums up.

Learn more about our camprofile gaskets

80 years of sealing: An evolving company is always one step ahead of its time

augusti 23, 2023

The third generation took the helm of our family business as Aleksi Arpiainen assumed the role of CEO during a period of intense globalization. Already a cornerstone of our business, exports became even more crucial. TT Gaskets now serves around forty export countries, a number expected to continue growing. Robotics and information technology are advancing and have a profound impact on both our production and product range.

Aleksi Arpiainen

The future brings inevitable changes that cannot be faced empty-handed. Our machinery investments are guided by the objective of cutting gaskets even faster, more precisely, and safely. Our new 3,000-square-meter extension with solar panels has made production even more modern, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Over the years, TT Gaskets’ workforce has grown to include 90 employees and office staff. The evolving needs of our employees have also been considered: workspaces have been expanded and developed towards a more collaborative direction. Ensuring the availability of future experts has been secured through collaboration with vocational educational institutions.

The TT Gaskets’ solar power plant expansion was finished in August 2022. Image: Solnet

High-quality education supports a strong industry

CEO Aleksi Arpiainen believes Tampere is still a fitting home for TT Gaskets. The city serves as a hub for the entire Finland, offering excellent connections throughout the country and to the company’s customers in 40 different countries.

TT Gaskets has had the privilege of being a part of Tampere’s unparalleled industrial history. Simultaneously, we humbly rejoice in the opportunity to contribute to building an even more responsible and environmentally friendly future for Tampere, as well as a prosperous and dynamic region.

Tampere’s diverse range of vocational and higher education offerings effectively caters to the multifaceted industrial landscape. By ensuring that future industrial needs are even better anticipated and integrated into vocational and higher education programs, the local industrial sector will continue to benefit from outstanding workforce, allowing the entire Pirkanmaa region to further develop through intelligent solutions.

Smart gaskets for future needs

Technological advancements have enabled new innovations, such as our shutdown services, where a gasket factory can be easily relocated with its tools and inventory close to the installation site. Additionally, our new intelligent gaskets notify the need for replacement on their own through built-in smart features.

Alongside technological advancements, our customer relationships are deepening as well. Products are now designed collaboratively with customers from start to finish. By assisting our customers, we can stay one step ahead of competitors, as the success of our company is intertwined with our customers’ success. The vigilance and initiative that have been integral since our founder Sulo Arpiainen’s times remain valuable traits even today. Our antennae are always tuned in, ensuring that we can operate correctly at the right moment.

Our future goal is to evolve from a leading Nordic gasket manufacturer to becoming the leading independent supplier of sealing products and services in Europe. We aspire to remain a sought-after partner for product development for customers around the world. Production and operational methods have always been strategic choices. The same principles in company leadership persist through time and generations: high-quality products, confidence in our expertise, and production flexibility as significant competitive advantages.

The demand for gaskets shows no signs of waning. Separate flat gaskets still possess unmatched advantages and characteristics. Just as a precisely manufactured flat gasket from the right material retains its value, we too intend to maintain our position at the forefront of the industry.

Our freshly redesigned shutdown service containers meet the process industry sealing needs on-site and quickly during various production shutdowns.

Source: Kalle Mäkelä. Tiiviisti ajassaan – Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy 1943–2018.

80 years of sealing: Digitization and modernization of production propelled international growth

augusti 17, 2023

Matti Arpiainen. Image: TT Gaskets

The family business torch was passed from Jussi Arpiainen to the next generation in the 1980s. Matti Arpiainen’s strengths in developing the company included precise financial management, modernization of production technology, and maintaining high and consistent product quality. Additionally, he introduced the concept of professional leadership, along with bold, far-sighted investments and export efforts.

By the time the 1980s arrived, the production of archive folders had evolved into a strong pillar for Tampereen Tiviisteteollisuus (now TT Gaskets), alongside the production of gaskets plus, disc and wire presses. Having become CEO of the company in 1987, Matti Arpiainen initially oversaw our folder production line and focused on developing production and marketing strategies. With a keen sense for financial aspects, Matti demonstrated mastery in managing economic risks. The factory, relocated to Janka, was rapidly modernized. The purchased piece of land included an expansion possibility adjacent to the main factory, which proved to be a justified act of foresight.

In a changing world, challenges were inevitable. In 1985, a severe fire destroyed finished products and raw materials. Fortunately, customers understood the force majeure situation, and new products were eventually sent out. Threats also emerged from the outside. The Swedish Esselte Group acquired folder factories across Europe and made a takeover bid for the Tampere facility. After careful consideration, the long-planned sale was eventually completed in 1987, shifting the company’s focus solely to gasket manufacturing. Our range of services later expanded to include design and testing.

Thriving exports through persistent legwork

Significant investments in production technology began at the turn of the 1990s. Digitalization became a part of the production process, reducing waste and leading to significant savings in production costs. Efforts were dedicated to exports, with Matti traveling as a sales representative across Europe.

The investments continued in the 2000s. Our production focus shifted to metal gaskets, supported by the acquisition of two large laser cutters and a high-capacity CNC lathe. The waterjet cutting environment was modernized with a new abrasive cutter.

The 2000s introduced new demands for working comfort: ergonomic improvements were made through specialized physiotherapist services, and fiber connections enhanced data transfer. New facilities and extensive renovations of existing spaces created a more pleasant work environment. We elevated our factory’s working conditions to a high level in line with the OHSAS 18001 certification, prioritizing employee health and safety. The principle of continuously adapting to changing needs and requirements for working conditions has always been a guiding factor in our company.

Image: Jukka Jokinen

Building upon the ISO 9001 quality certification achieved in 1998, we continued to advance our technical and operational quality, fostering a new level of trust with our customers. A few years later, we obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification alongside the quality certification, enhancing our commitment to environmental responsibility. In 2016, we were honored to be chosen as the subcontractor of the year, recognizing our dedication and contributions.

Matti Arpiainen often said that ”a wise man wears both a belt and suspenders”.

Source: Kalle Mäkelä. Tiiviisti ajassaan – Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy 1943–2018.

Read from the next part of our history series how we plan to tackle the challenges of the future!

TT Gaskets launches private label gasket material – Micaseal Suniflex pays tribute to Jukka Sunila

augusti 15, 2023

TT Gaskets’ latest solution for smarter sealing is our first branded gasket material Micaseal Suniflex.

The mica-based material’s name is a tribute to late Key Account Director Jukka Sunila whose career in gasket sales and development spanned over four decades.

“We started to think about ways for keeping Jukka’s heritage alive after his passing in 2022. Jukka was a determined man who kept his head cool in every situation. That’s why it seemed appropriate to name a gasket material designed for hot conditions after him,” TT Gaskets’ Business Development Director Petri Lehtinen says.

Premium heat resistance for demanding conditions

Micaseal Suniflex is designed for environments that require high heat resistance and versatile chemical resistance. It has plenty of use cases in power plants, combustion engines, exhaust systems and gas scrubbers.

“Mica-based materials work especially well in places where graphite proves inadequate. Graphite-based materials start to slowly burn in temperatures over 450 °C and the burning intensifies the higher the temperature rises. Mica can withstand temperatures of over 900 °C,” Petri Lehtinen says.

The new material is available in three 316L steel reinforced thicknesses: 1.3 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm. Metal eyelets can used to improve the material’s sealing qualities and leaking pressure even further.

The material has fulfilled our rigorous quality requirements and is available immediately. Micaseal Suniflex is well-suited for different gasket geometries, and we are happy to help you in designing sealing solutions for even the most demanding conditions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for more information!

Read more about the material

80 years of sealing: TT Gaskets was born to meet wartime needs

augusti 10, 2023

80 years stands as a watershed in TT Gaskets’ history, providing a vantage point to look both to the past and to the future. The exceptional times of the 1940s laid the foundation for one of our resources that has endured to this day.

Board meetings at TT Gaskets during the 1940s. Image taken from Kirsti Jalaistu’s personal album.

TT Gaskets (formerly Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus) founder Sulo Johannes ”Jussi” Arpiainen was a technically gifted inventor and innovator. This farmer’s son from Vesilahti, Finland grew up with a strong appreciation for hard work and learning. Jussi, who obtained his degree as a paper technology and chemical engineer, found these lessons to be of great value. They were especially important when he started manufacturing technical and techno-chemical replacement materials for wartime needs in the 1940s.

The Great War had changed its course by 1943. The state aircraft factory and test airfield drew Captain Arpiainen and his wife Kerttu to Tampere. Jussi believed that he would then find a business partner that shared his entrepreneurial mindset.

Sealing for defense needs

Image: TT Gaskets

The Arpianen brothers Eino and Jussi, along with Väinö-Kustaa Järvinen, established a sealing manufacturing business in Tammela, Tampere, to keep military machinery running. The turmoil of war demanded all materials in the summer of 1944, and gaskets were required for crucial places, including tanks and artillery.

The production of gaskets likewise entered the era of substitutions and alternatives. They employed their own alternative formulations when obtaining ingredients proved challenging. Jussi built a name for himself as an imaginative person by creating alternatives like the boot grease that was used in the Karelian Isthmus battles and the airplane wing lacquer that was manufactured from celluloid obtained by melting old Finnish films.

In the 1950s, the general standard of living started to recover from the depths of war. The end of the war years brought forth a new situation: while the gasket factory adjusted to the demands of peacetime, mending the war’s damage was a huge undertaking. Since they had to make do with what they had, old machines were updated with new gaskets. The company began to look for goods and markets where its expertise could shine. While the significance of archive folders as a product category kept expanding, the firm manufactured bag clasps and other metal goods.

In the same time frame, a partnership around technical chemical goods was established with Kiilto Oy.

Towards a growing industry

In the 1960s, Finland firmly joined the modern world. Living standards rose, influences were drawn from around the globe, and both the industrial and service sectors gained strength. Migration flowed toward cities and to Sweden. The economy and national income grew, marking the beginning of the modern welfare state. Through experimentation, suitable facilities were eventually found for the gasket company on Vellamonkatu in Tammela. The old Tammela neighborhood, which had witnessed the company’s early stages, grew in height. Intense construction required machinery, and machines required gaskets. By the mid-1960s, the company was already exploring export opportunities to Sweden and the Netherlands. The company was able to adapt its production to new conditions and remain in the market by expanding its product range. Flexibility emerged as a significant strength for the company, a trait that has proven valuable throughout the history of TT Gaskets.

Image: In the 1970s, gaskets were created using clamps

Source: Kalle Mäkelä. Tiiviisti ajassaan – Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy 1943–2018.

Read the next chapter of our history series to understand how forward-looking initiatives enabled international growth!

New crosshead die cutting machine brings precision and speed to serial production

augusti 3, 2023

Crosshead die cutting machine

TT Gaskets’ latest step in production automation is our new Schoen+Sandt hydraulic crosshead die cutting machine that brings even higher precision and speed to serial gasket production. The new machine is a continuation of our new cobot and lathe cell investment implemented earlier this year.

– The demand for die cut products has increased in recent years especially within the portable electric tool industry. Our new die cutting machine is well-suited for cutting soft and metal-reinforced gasket materials such as graphite, polyurethane, and different fiber materials, Production Manager Teemu Piipponen says.

– Some years ago, it seemed that die cutting was about to be phased out from our production method portfolio, but the rising demand plus our new export operations in North America made us reconsider and move ahead with this investment, Purchasing and Sourcing Manager Teemu Sillanpää continues.

Up to 20 times more efficient cutting

The material feed into the machine is done automatically with the help of a cobot. A conveyor belt automatically moves sheet or roll material forward to the cutting area, where a 360-degree rotating cutting head programmatically cuts the gaskets. The new machine is capable of a cutting force of 500 kilonewtons and can cut material sheets up to 1500 millimeters wide.

After the cutting process, the products are transferred on the conveyor belt to the unloading area, where they are either manually or mechanically picked for further processing. The unloading procedures are also to be automated in the near future.

The crosshead die cutting machine features a production efficiency up to 20 times higher compared to previous machinery. With the addition of the new machine and the marking line that was already implemented in the spring, TT Gaskets now has a uniquely comprehensive solution for production automation.

– This half-million-euro investment replaces our previous 40-year-old automatic die cutting machine. The new cutting machine features an extremely high cutting accuracy of 0,2 millimeters, Teemu Sillanpää sums up.

Behind the Gaskets | Expert interview: Energetic Export Coordinator tackles challenges head-on

juni 7, 2023

Having worked at TT Gaskets for over 20 years, Export Coordinator Sari Suoniemi is a trusted partner for both our customers and her colleagues. She is often the first point of contact for TT Gaskets’ customers.

Sari Suoniemi

Sari Suoniemi’s main task at TT Gaskets is to ensure that our order process is a success from start to finish. Sari’s colleagues and clients are mostly located outside Finland, and she really enjoys the international atmosphere. She works in close collaboration with customers and production staff, and succeeding in her position requires the courage to quickly react to changing situations.

”I can quickly figure out different options and contact the right person through my extensive experience and expertise. Our production staff understands urgent situations and promptly addresses orders. I like to think that my customers and colleagues consider me a reliable partner. They can always call me if there is a challenging situation that needs to be solved together,” describes Sari.

Despite constant challenges and rapid changes, Sari finds the changing situations and successful problem-solving to be the best part of her work.

”Once, when a ship traveling to Norway needed spare parts for its engine, we arranged the gaskets with our production ex tempore on the same day and flew them to the location. The passengers had no idea that the engine was being repaired while they were exploring the city. We managed to fix the situation, and the journey continued,” recalls Sari.

Changes require courage to embrace the new

Sari is a second-generation member of the TT Gaskets family. Over the years, she has developed a strong connection with customers, the company, and our products. Her career has progressed by seizing interesting opportunities. Sari has studied international trade, logistics, supply chain management, marketing, and tourism. Continuous learning is essential for success in her work.

”I can’t rely on things staying the same in my work. International trade and logistics regulations and official requirements can change even weekly,” she explains.

Twenty years ago, the export share at TT Gaskets was significantly smaller than it is now. The world has opened up to our Finnish customers over the years, and TT Gaskets’ exports are expected to grow by 20 percent within a few years. Sari is not intimidated by these changes.

”TT Gaskets has a tremendous desire to grow and innovate. We keep our doors open for new opportunities, which requires the courage to embrace the new. Such an atmosphere can evoke uncertain feelings, but I personally embrace the opportunities it brings,” she says enthusiastically.

New projects inspire

Sari is involved in developing TT Gaskets’ packaging and shipping functions to become more sustainable. Sustainable development motivates her both in her professional life and personal choices.

”The importance of sustainable development among our customers is constantly growing, and they want to develop sustainable solutions together with us. I want to contribute to the development, and I also prioritize recycling and sustainable choices outside of work,” she explains.

Sari is the go-to person for different digital systems within the workplace. She has been involved in the development and implementation of our new sales system and has trained the team to confidently adopt new systems.

Nature and mindfulness help relax after a hectic workday

To unwind after a hectic workday, Sari focuses on taking care of her body and mind. She values healthy nutrition, yoga, and Pilates. Nature and mindfulness also help balance her mind, and she has taken courses at Tampere University to incorporate mindfulness into her work.

”I love going to the forest; I get my daily dose of the forest with my dwarf spitz every day. Mindfulness has been a great help in calming my mind,” she says.

Sari is equally passionate about travel, self-development, and ice hockey, which she has been involved in since her teenage years.

”When I put on my skates and step onto the ice, that feeling is hard to find elsewhere. I’m no longer actively playing or coaching, but I participate in the Finnish Ice Hockey Association’s board work. When I get on the ice with children every year, it never fails to bring me joy.”

Mobile services enable agile gasket services during industrial maintenance shutdowns

maj 29, 2023

What if maintenance shutdowns in the process industry could be done smarter when it comes to gaskets and other essential components? This is now possible thanks to our deep and lengthy collaboration with leading Finnish maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) companies.

Proactive maintenance, planned shutdowns and renovation projects in various process industry sites ensure a continuous supply of raw materials and essential products for our daily lives. In the Nordic countries, this includes the introduction and increasing production of innovative bio-based products. TT Gaskets’ gasket specification review, agile manufacturing and distribution, as well as consulting, are excellent ways to secure and enhance the progress of maintenance shutdowns.

Flexible industrial shutdown services and mobile manufacturing are particularly relevant right now. There are several reasons for this: the safety and documentation requirements for industrial maintenance shutdowns are becoming stricter, the number of new workers in projects is increasing, and operations are evolving into extensive maintenance and investment projects. Additionally, companies are under pressure to make timely decisions to achieve cost targets and ensure a planned restart of production.

Close collaboration yields the best results

Partnership with TT Gaskets enables a flexible operating model during maintenance shutdowns. Our shutdown services address sealing needs on-site, conveniently and without delays. One of our customers utilizing this opportunity is Borealis Polymers Oy, who have previously used our mobile gasket factory previously and are planning to utilize the TTG Smart Container.

Since we operate near our customers’ production lines and listen closely to each other’s needs, we can jointly respond to unexpected changes. Supporting us in this is our modern gasket factory, which is rapidly developing towards carbon neutrality.

Long-term collaboration creates better opportunities for success as we can use the knowledge from previous years’ maintenance shutdowns and deliveries as a basis for planning and anticipation. Open communication guarantees development on both sides. After a shutdown, one of the most fruitful discussions is the project review session focusing on the project’s successes and development areas.

In the future, our various smart services will hopefully also facilitate various smart field verifications when questions arise about the location of gaskets, post-installation operational conditions, and continuous safety and emission monitoring.

80-year-old TT Gaskets celebrates with the extended family

Close collaboration with our extensive network has been and continues to be the key to TT Gaskets’ long and successful operations. I am pleased to announce that we will be celebrating our 80th anniversary this fall. We feel much younger, and of course, age is just a number 😉

At this point, I would like to thank all our partners and other stakeholders for their ongoing co-operation and continuous development. Let’s celebrate our shared journey this fall on LinkedIn and at our birthday events. In the latter part of the year, we will also participate in trade fairs such as Alihankinta and Elmia.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing summer!


Aleksi Arpiainen is the CEO of TT Gaskets in the third generation. According to him, the success of a family business is fueled by continuous development and innovation. In the blog, Aleksi sheds light on his thoughts on where the world of gaskets is going.