Custom gaskets can change the world

Could the hydrogen economy and its surrounding ecosystem become a new Nokia for Finland in the coming decades? Will ships soon sail independently on the seas? Can the mining industry achieve carbon-neutrality in the future? These are some of the questions our gasketeers are currently pondering. How and why are these things related to gaskets?

Last year the United States decided to tackle inflation with the enormous Inflation Reduction Act which aims to direct 433 billion dollars towards developing green tech, energy safety and fighting climate change. In the European Union, the green transition is supported by the European Green Deal. Large investments, financial aids, advances in legislation and a shared concern for our planet’s future on both sides of the Atlantic support the ongoing energy revolution.

At TT Gaskets, all this is illustrated in a myriad of hydrogen-, ammonia-, and methane-related projects. We are involved in research programs together with our engine industry customers and research institutions around the world, and developing technologies that are advancing from ideas and experimentation towards a carbon-neutral reality.

Finland has also devised a carbon-neutral strategy and aims to become carbon-neutral by 2035. For example, new solutions are currently being discovered for green electricity generation – as a matter of fact, Finland has achieved momentary self-sufficiency in energy production this year. It has also been great to observe how, for example, the European process industry has started to make use of waste streams and leftovers of the food industry. They are refined into raw materials at rendering facilities, accelerating the circular economy.

New and innovative operating models place new demands on processes, and in order to guarantee safety we need advanced gasket manufacturing methods, quality assurance and testing capabilities, equipment, and know-how. We have already been building our capabilities and competencies for years, and our development work and further significant investments are ongoing.

A friendly Finland–Sweden competition to achieve a common goal

Different green hydrogen production solutions are arising in Finland as we speak. Safe and smart solutions must be discovered for storing and distributing hydrogen, as Finland and Sweden have grand plans for producing up to 20 percent of Europe’s future hydrogen needs.

We have the ability to find the right solutions – rooted in large-scale testing and verification together with our vast network of expertise – which enables us an interesting foothold in this market. We definitely want to be involved in this friendly Finland–Sweden competition towards the shared goal of fighting climate change.

Smart Gasket finds applications within different industries

Technologies relating to the maritime industry have made significant leaps in recent years. In Finland, an interesting international alliance called One Sea has emerged around autonomous shipping, aiming to standardize the operating environment and create a legally sustainable framework for building a greener environment.

The electronics on ships, as well as systems monitoring navigation, environment, and cost-effectiveness, are rapidly advancing. At the same time, the components used in these systems must become smarter and capable of conveying information. This can help prevent accidents and schedule maintenance accurately. In the maritime industry, there are interesting applications for TT Gaskets’ patented unique Smart Gasket. In the future, the Smart Gasket will be part of broader networks of intelligent components. Together, the components and the data they collect are more valuable than the sum of their parts.

In addition to the maritime industry, activities such as mining are becoming increasingly autonomous and remotely controlled. Machines are more frequently electrically powered and environmentally friendly. This development significantly reduces environmental impact and enhances workplace safety.

New sealing solutions enable development

To make all this possible, sealing and insulation solutions are evolving. Regardless of the industry we serve, future technologies and the increasing availability of timely and relevant information enable significant emission reductions, cost savings, and improvements in workplace safety.

Innovations are rarely born in isolation or by just a single wise mind. We at TT Gaskets are grateful for being able to work within many different ecosystems and craft an industrial future together with our customers. Where there is a problem, we can find a solution. Together – like we have done for over 80 years.

For more information about our ideation and innovation efforts, as well as our future endeavors with our customers, please visit our website or our LinkedIn page.

Wishing everyone a lovely autumn,


Aleksi Arpiainen is the CEO of TT Gaskets in the third generation. According to him, the success of a family business is fueled by continuous development and innovation. In the blog, Aleksi sheds light on his thoughts on where the world of gaskets is going.