TT Gaskets maintains high customer satisfaction with enhanced feedback cycle for swift response

Customer feedback has always been extremely valuable for our company. We are now transitioning from our previous longer feedback cycle towards continuous feedback collection. Our aim is to react to changes more quickly and streamline our service according to your feedback. TT Gaskets’ customer satisfaction scores have consistently been good in the past, but we hope that quicker response times can increase satisfaction to an even higher level.

The first customer survey according to our new model was conducted in the autumn of 2022. We received an outstanding number of answers from all the countries we are currently operating in.

Our customers were especially satisfied with the following aspects of our service (out of a maximum score of 5):

The overall grade for all areas in the survey was 4,17 and our NPS score was 47. We are extremely proud of these great results! All feedback is important and valuable. We are grateful that our customers take time to answer the surveys – this way we can continue to meet their expectations and market demand.

In addition to good grades, we are also grateful for the open feedback we received in the survey. The bulk of the feedback was good and encouraging but naturally we also discovered some areas of development from the comments. Some of the feedback was related to delivery times, an area that also received the lowest grade (3,7). Much to our regret, we have lately faced difficulties in meeting some delivery time expectations due to limited raw material availability, while information regarding availability has also been lacking. We are improving our future communications within the information we receive from our suppliers!

All in all, we are very pleased with the survey’s results and the continuing trust our customers place in us. We hope that our service continues to meet your expectations also in future surveys!