TT Gaskets’ camprofile gaskets tested in accordance with EN 13555 standard

The German accredited testing laboratory AMTEC has tested our camprofile gaskets according to the EN 13555 standard in an extensive testing process. The test results were laudatory, and the products performed as expected in the measurements.

The test results help our customers compare gasket properties equally and choose the most suitable one for their application.

”The EN 13555 standard is internationally recognized. With the results, we can demonstrate that we surpass the limits set by the process industry and ensure that our camprofile gaskets are reliable at the level required by safety regulations,” says Smart Product Specialist Jaakko Niukkala.

Gaskets for demanding environments

Camprofile gaskets are well-suited for demanding conditions, such as applications in the process industry and motor industry. We manufacture these high-temperature and pressure-resistant gaskets in customized sizes and geometries as well.

Product development continues at TT Gaskets.

”The test results indicate that we meet certain requirements, but we don’t settle for that in our product development. We strive to continuously improve our operations and develop solutions even for our customers’ most challenging needs,” Niukkala sums up.

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