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Thick, thin, or somewhere in between?
Carbon, steel, or something a little more specialized?

Our metallic product range includes everything from shims, brackets, and plates, to more – all tailor made to your requirements at our in-house production facility.

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Whether meant i.e. for clearance, precision or alignment use, shims are often the pieces that bring the final puzzle together. Our job is to make sure the shims manufactured for you fit the bill precisely every time.

We can make shims in various materials according to your desired specifications, custom or standard. Thicknesses can vary from one hundredths of a millimeter up to 20 mm. We can also manufacture shims from laminated sheets with several layers of the same thickness. Individual shims can be packed into skin-packed kits that can be branded with your logo and company name.

Shims can be made from carbon, stainless or acid-proof steel, galvanized iron, brass, or aluminum. Laminated sheets are delivered in corresponding materials. Customized specifications? We’ll make you what you need.

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We offer many kinds of different brackets i.e. for joining components or for support or guiding use.

We have different brackets available. Made according to different standards or your custom needs.

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Choosing the correct structural material for plates based on their final use is our speciality.

As well as the other products, we also offer plates according to different standards or custom make them to meet your requirements.

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The Right Gasket Choice Can Save Your Money

Finding the right gasket material for the right use can be complicated. We’ll make it easy for you.

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