We Take Our Metal Business Seriously To Service You Better.

Thick, thin, or somewhere in between?
Carbon, steel, or something a little more specialized?

Our metallic gasket range includes everything from specialized flanges to gaskets and more—all tailor made to your requirements at our in-house production facility.

Specialized Flanges

We can supply specialized and standard flanges, as well as design and manufacture flanges according to your specific requirements.

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Semi-metallic Gaskets

Serrated, metal-jacketed, spiral-wound, corrugated or something else? We’ve got you covered.

Highly demanding applications demand high-quality gaskets that withstand the pressures, temperatures and the chemicals they need to. 

Spiral-Wound Gaskets

A typical outer guide ring, strip, filler, inner support ring or something not so typical?
High surface pressures, high-pressure environments or high temperatures?

Our spiral-wound gaskets are the answer.

There are several variations, however, including gaskets with no guide and support rings, gaskets with only an outer guide ring or inner support ring, and those with inner and outer rings.

We can manufacture gaskets according to standards such as EN 1514-2 and DIN 2699, and we offer several material options to suit a wide range of applications.

Spiral-wound gaskets offer high resistance to the pressure inside piping. They also have high mechanical durability and excellent durability. for example, EN 1514-2, DIN 2699

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Camprofile Gaskets

Camprofile gaskets consist of a serrated metal core and soft facing materials.

They provide a seal with low surface stress. They are also made to withstand mechanical stress, as well as, are excellent in fluctuating conditions, extreme heat, and high pressure situations.

Our camprofile gaskets can be made according to standards such as EN 1514-6 or DIN 2697 and are available with guide rings or bars. The materials chosen are based on the application in question. Largest one-piece cam profile gasket diameter can be more than two meters.

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Metal-Jacketed Gaskets

Metal-jacketed gaskets provide resistance to high surface pressure as well as give optimal formation with good creep resistance.

They consist of a soft filler and a metal jacket, with materials selected according to the specific service conditions.

We can manufacture metal-jacketed gaskets in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, both with and without partition ribs, and according to standards such as EN 1514-7.

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Corrugated Semi-Metallic Gaskets

Corrugated metal gaskets offer good mechanical durability, excellent thermal conductivity, and resistance to corrosion and heat.

Gaskets without soft facing materials are favored in applications that do not require high compressibility. Their operation is based on the differences in hardness of different kinds of metals.

We also offer corrugated gaskets with soft facings for applications where the sealing surfaces are warped or otherwise damaged. However, we do not recommend using gaskets to compensate for the misalignment of flanges.

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The Right Gasket Choice Can Save Your Money

Finding the right gasket material for the right use can be complicated. We’ll make it easy for you.

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