We manufacture flange gaskets according to the most typical flange standards.

Flange Gaskets

Our fast, efficient, and accurate manufacturing methods guarantee a comprehensive selection of high-quality standardized flange gaskets for a large scale of your applications.

Flange gaskets are manufactured according to the most typical flange standards.


Flange Gaskets

Standard flange gaskets can be manufactured from nearly every possible material e.g. fibre, graphite, plastics, many kinds of rubber, and PTFE based materials. The material used depends on the media, pressure, and temperature of the application.
Commonly the thickness varies between 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, and 3.0 mm.

The thinner the better because thinner gaskets are more suitable for higher temperatures and pressures.
The information needed when ordering flange gaskets:

• The standard and nominal dimension (e.g. DN 80)
• Pressure class (e.g. PN 10-40)
• The gasket material
• Thickness
Yes, we can. According to ASME B16.21.

Use Case Examples

You can use flange gaskets in many different applications. To give you a better idea, we’ve featured example use cases below from water pipelines in cities, paper factories, and ships.

Flange Gaskets for water pipelines in cities. TT Gaskets.

Water pipelines in cities

In city water pipelines, the often used flange gaskets are manufactured according to SFS EN 1514-1 IBC, and they are made of natural rubber (NR).

Paper factories

Flange gaskets used in paper factories are made of different materials depending on the media in use.

Often at least two different materials are needed — one for general use and the other for the steam application.

Flange Gaskets for paper factories. Contact us.
Flange gaskets for all kinds of ships from cruise ships to cargo, and more.


Flange gaskets are suitable for seawater, oil, and steam applications.