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September 10, 2019

Over the years, TT Gaskets has supported continuous learning and the maintenance of expertise in many forms. The company has made possible numerous study-related projects, such as varying theses, internships and other learning assignments. Learning new is beneficial not only for students but also for the company itself. TTG wants to support mutual development whenever possible. For example, there are several ongoing or very recently completed learning projects:

• Thesis on spiral wound gaskets
• Master’s thesis on smart gaskets
• Thesis on material education
• Master’s thesis on agile HRM in a SME

Learning projects naturally provide the student with enriching experience in many ways, and the company with fresh perspectives and up-to-date information, for example on various technology solutions.

In addition, TT Gaskets wants to support education by actively participating in TBC’s sparring network activities, and promoting collaboration between businesses and universities and the emergence of a smart ecosystem in Pirkanmaa that supports collaborative experimentation and development for a smarter and safer industry.

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