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December 17, 2018

A change of generations happened at TT Gaskets on 1.12.2018. Matti Arpiainen handed over the CEO’s chair to Aleksi Arpiainen, and proceeded working with TT Gaskets as a Chairman of the Board. All personnel gathered up to reminisce Matti’s over 40 years of time at TT Gaskets.

 – It is a great honor and privilege to become the CEO of our fine family business. We have competent, creative and motivated staff with whom we are happy to compose ideas, experiment new and strengthen our many well-functioning processes. It has been great to work together with my father Matti meanwhile trying (and sometimes succeeding) the last five years. It’s great that he remains in the background of our company and as an important instructor, especially in our management team. We will continue to build the industry safer with intelligent seal solutions. As we help our customers to stay ahead of their rivals, we too will succeed. Much depends on staying vigilant and initiative, scoping the environment, so we can do the right thing. And at the right moment. On this basis, during  the last year, the company has started various intelligent projects of which commercial applications will be launched starting next year, summarizes Aleksi.

Aleksi Arpiainen, CEO
+358 50 5300 131, aleksi.arpiainen@tt-gaskets.fi

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