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September 14, 2018
TT Gaskets is turning 75 years old this year. As part of celebration TT Gaskets has made a significant donation for TAMK’s (Tampere University of Applied Sciences) fundraiser. The amount of 50 000 euros is put towards development of smart and safe industrial know-how.

TT Gaskets is a long term partner of TAMK and by donating it wants to emphasize the meaning of education as a foundation of industries. It also wants to show trust towards the power of Pirkanmaa’s collaboration.

– We want to help progressing the co-operation between companies and universities, and establishment of a smart ecosystem in Pirkanmaa that supports experimentation and development together for smart and safe industry. By donating we also want to strengthen our versatile liaison with TAMK to create the best possible industrial job opportunities in the future, says the director Aleksi Arpiainen.

–In behalf of the university and especially the students, I want to dearly thank TT Gaskets for long and active collaboration. It is very important that the Pirkanmaa’s companies see us as a remarkable partner in training, research and in various projects. The received donation goes fully in the development of these functions, says Markku Lahtinen, the principal of TAMK.

Donations are an expression of trust towards TAMK’s operations and a remarkable financial spur to even further improve their actions. This year the Finnish government supports universities by allowing them a total of 24 million euros, and it’s being shared by the amount of donations each university receives in 2018. TAMK is being proud of all the donations received, and promises to try their best to improve their liaison and know-how in the future aswell, states principal Lahtinen.

The news at TAMK’s web page: (in Finnish)

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