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September 11, 2018

TT Gaskets is strongly involved in the operations of Tampere Business Campus. Director Aleksi Arpiainen works as a chairman in TBC, and TT Gaskets is aiming to expand TBC’s contact networks.

Tampere Business Campus is an independent association consisting of its member companies in the Tampere region. TBC has been created to encourage businesses to enhance their competence development processes and to convey good practices related to human resource development. TBC’s activities are highly based on mutual trust and sharing of experiences and knowledge between the member companies. TBC has created an unique service concept, which provides various developmental programs, training sessions, and benchlearning opportunities for its’ member companies. TT Gaskets is a member company of TBC, and it shares its know-how to others meanwhile utilizing TBC’s networks, training, and development programs on its journey of continuous learning and improvement.

Please visit the Tampere Business Campus web page!

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