”We want to be the best in the world” – Olympic bronze medalist Sara Säkkinen visited TT Gaskets - TT Gaskets

May 14, 2018

TT Gaskets’ Director Aleksi Arpiainen with Olympic bronze medalist Sara Säkkinen

For several years already, TT Gaskets has supported Sara Säkkinen (20), the feisty forward of the Finnish womens national hockey team, on her way to the Olympic tournament held this spring in Pyeongchang, Korea. The shared journey and all the hard work was rewarded in February 2018 with a bronze medal.

In many ways, Sara is everything TT Gaskets also strives to be; courageous, relentless and ambitious. Reaching the top level in a sport as competitive and challenging as ice hockey demands dedication and a well planned and meticulously executed training schedule.

Similarly, the 75-year-old TT Gaskets is dedicated to develop it’s operations systematically with a clear vision: to be a top contender in it’s own field of expertise. Due to Sara’s work ethic and attitude she has been nominated Team Captain both in U18 Womens National Team and Team Kuortane, Sara’s home team in the Finnish Championship league.

”It’s not enough to be the best in Janka, Tampere or the best in business in Finland. We want to be on the top level in the world, just as every ambitious athelete does in their own sport”, says Director Aleksi Arpiainen during the official medal celebration at TT Gaskets.

The co-operation between Sara and TT Gaskets has started very early, already before Sara was old enough to go to school. Her grandfather made a long and successful career working for TT Gaskets, and Sara learned to know the way to TT Gaskets office through the water jet cutting department to meet her mother, also working for TT Gaskets.



Sara Säkkinen presented her medal to the workers at TT Gaskets, and got an introduction to the latest investments made at the production plant.

Sara on factory tour with Aleksi

The journey continues, both for Sara and TT Gaskets. After well deserved celebrations, the hunger for success is fueling us to work hard every day, to keep improving and moving forward. Sara goes for the gold medal, and TT Gaskets aims higher to reach expectations with best possible customer benefit.

We want to thank Sara for the fruitful co-operation! Good luck and best of success in future endeavours!

For more information on Sara’s career, please visit:

Sara Sakkinen


The quality of the Olympic bronze medal was verified by TT Gaskets’ quality department, using a precision scale and material analyzer. The bronze medal weighs exactly a whopping 500 grams, and the raw material is commercial bronze. Authenticity confirmed!

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