Quality comes first – the sixth player in our lineup is high technology! - TT Gaskets

April 18, 2018

TT Gaskets invests into modern technology, to be able to design and deliver improved and specialized solutions for customer purposes. We work tightly together with the customer, to ensure that the correct gasket is used in every application and every location.

We encourage you to take the benefit of our sixth player on ice! Send your inquiry to: sales@tt-gaskets.fi

Our Quality Manager, Matti Järvinen wearing Ilves -colours, and Niklas O’Connor from laser cutting department with Tappara -jersey. Local rivalry on ice, playing for the same team in TT Gaskets!

TT Gaskets evolves with the Tampere region. As the infrastructure in Tampere takes giant leaps in the form of tramway and new sports arena, TT Gaskets is building new office space and continuing investments into modern technology. With these efforts we are aiming at continuous improvement of our service- and product quality.

In hockey terms you can say, that with modern technology we are adding a sixth player in our lineup! This will make us a competitive partner for our customers today, and in the upcoming years.


TT Gaskets offers all employees a chance to watch a couple of hockey games at the Hakametsä arena every season. Each member of team TT Gaskets will have a chance to root for their favourite team on ice during the regular season and the playoffs. In a few years’ time, we will be enjoying the games in the newly built arena, right at Tampere city center!

New Tampere arena will be finished in 2021 and offers ice hockey games for 13 000 fans. (Photo SRV.fi)


We want to thank @tapparaofficial for the exciting moments on ice this season, wishing the best of luck for the finals!

We are also sending our congratulations to @ILVES_naiset for silver medals in the womens championships!

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