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March 8, 2018

Wish you all a nice women’s week!

You may know already our “working angels”, our sales assistant team who work from Monday to Friday at the office. When our sales managers are travelling this team takes care of our customers with support of managers in the office.

The team is reachable by email:

orders@tt-gaskets.fi use this email when ordering or rescheduling

logistics@tt-gaskets.fi use this email for shipping details

Phone +358 3 358 1500

We celebrate international women’s week at TT Gaskets with these facts proudly presented:

  • 54 % women / 46 % men from our staff
  • safety working environment (OHSAS 18001 & 6S)
  • equally tasks for both female and male employees
  • teamwork is everything


In Finland government and municipalities offer great support for families so that mothers can easily step to work life after maternity leave of nine months. Our world-famous daycare- and school systems include morning and afternoon care for children. The costs of daycare are lower than in central Europe. Our education system is free of charge with warm meal every day.

Coming together is a beginning;

Keeping together is progress;

Working together is success.



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TT Gaskets
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Purchase Orders: orders@tt-gaskets.fi
Inquiries: sales@tt-gaskets.fi
Personnel: firstname.surname@tt-gaskets.fi


Our Headquarters are in Finland and we have a presence in 5 countries

Finland: +358 3 358 1518 / hannu.ruotsalainen@tt-gaskets.fi
Sweden: +46 72 190 20 80 / mattias.englund@tt-gaskets.se
Norway: +358 50 533 5651 / matti.salo@tt-gaskets.fi
Denmark: +358 44 762 5118 / jason.thomas@tt-gaskets.fi
Russia: +358 50 562 0923 / jukka.sunila@tt-gaskets.fi